Strong Fathers Program

Strong Fathers is for dads working to end the cycle of violence in their family. The program consists of 20 weekly sessions during which participants develop new tools for parenting and partnering in an environment of support, friendship, education, and growth.

Topics Covered

  • Exploring your past
  • Child development
  • Power and control in relationships
  • The impact of domestic violence on children
  • Managing thoughts & feelings
  • Shaping children's behavior
  • Parenting with your child's mother
  • Repairing relationships

Visit for more information, including links to evaluation reports and publications. 

Admission Requirements

  • Participants must have or be working toward some contact (custody or visitation) with their child/ren.
  • No past charges or current allegations of child sexual abuse 
  • If a participant is required to complete a Batterer Intervention Program (Abuser Treatment), he must complete that program before enrolling in Strong Fathers or participate in both simultaneously.


The enrollment process typically begins with a referral from the courts, social services, another community organization, or the participant. (Please see secure online referral form here.) Upon receiving the referral, Pathways to Change will contact the participant to schedule an intake appointment. This appointment typically last about 45 minutes. Participants will leave this appointment knowing when and where the group will meet. 

Program Format & Fees

Group Sessions held each week for 20 weeks. 

  • Intake fee -  $40
  • Each session - $15
  • Total - $340