Sentencing Plans

A "sentencing plan" is a written report that outlines a defendant's background and specific needs and identifies available resources that may meet these needs. This report is then provided to the sentencing judge along with any recommendations regarding sentencing.

Pathways to Change receives referrals for sentencing plans from public defenders, private attorneys, and other court personnel. Upon receiving a referral, our staff contacts the defendant and schedules an intake assessment. During this appointment, sentencing experts meet one-on-one with defendants to begin gathering information. Pathways staff then contact other service providers who may have worked with the defendant in the past to collect additional information and records. With this information, our staff develops a written report including recommendations regarding sentencing. Recommendations often include participation in mental health or substance abuse treatment, completion of a vocational rehabilitation program, or performance of community service. 

If you would like to initiate the sentencing plan process, please complete our secure online referral form here.