Our Programs

Pathways to Change is forging the path in effective & compassionate court approved programming. Our flagship courses include, Strong Fathers, Partner Abuse Intervention, Emotional Intelligence & Anger Management and Comprehensive Sentencing Plans. The programs provided by Pathways are evidence-based best practices to yield positive outcomes. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule a consultation. 


Partner Abuse Intervention
(Domestic Violence Classes)

Our Partner Abuse Intervention program meets North Carolina requirements for Batterer Intervention or Abuser Treatment. Participation in a program like this may be court-ordered after an individual is convicted of a domestic violence crime. Others may be referred by social services, their church, or themselves.  

Strong Fathers Program

Strong Fathers is for dads working to end the cycle of violence in their family. The program consists of 20 weekly sessions during which participants develop new tools for parenting and partnering in an environment of support, friendship, education, and growth.

Emotional Intelligence & Anger Management

Our Emotional Intelligence & Anger Management program offers participants an opportunity to explore triggers for their anger, discover the dynamics of social and emotional competence, and replace unhealthy behaviors and communication styles with respectful, controlled and assertive communication. 

Sentencing Plans

A "sentencing plan" is a written report that outlines a defendant's background and specific needs and identifies available resources that may meet these needs. This report is then provided to the sentencing judge along with any recommendations regarding sentencing.