Our Impact

The U.S. economy spends approximately $55 billion dollars annually as a result of childhood exposure to domestic violence and broken homes and Pathways to Change hopes to do its part to chip away at the cost in its community.  




Over 100 dads have successfully completed and graduated from our Strong Fathers Program, increasing the safety, health and well-being of children and their children’s mothers by helping the men learn positive ways of relating to them. The Strong Fathers Program is one of few programs for men who've used violence in the home. Research from North Carolina State University shows Strong Fathers reduces the likelihood of committing future acts of violence against children and partners. Graduates:

  • Demonstrate increased knowledge of child development;

  • reduce abusive beliefs;

  • carry out goals for themselves as fathers and partners

  • enhance awareness of their gains and lapses as fathers;

  • overcome challenges in relating to their children and the children’s mothers; and

  • maintain or increase the time they spent living with their children.




Years Serving communities

Pathways to Change, formerly called Behavioral Insights, has served Orange County, NC and its neighboring communities for nearly 25 years. 

Our success is grounded in the "coordinated community response" model. We build ongoing communication with domestic violence agencies, probation/parole, law enforcement, courts, other non profits and professionals working with our participants. This model also ensures that survivor safety is prioritized above all else and that our participants are connected with resources to address the various other needs they may present to reinforce accountability.

Our worked is rooted in the theory of dosage; the more hours of re-education has the potential to inoculate our clients from committing future acts of violence.



Hundreds of clients & families Impacted

Pathways to Change has impacted the lives of hundreds of clients and their families. With no end in sight, Pathways is dedicated to providing respectful, affordable services, and building strategic community partnerships and help advance our overall mission. 

Pathways programs provide a tremendous opportunity to fortify participants with the practical tools, skills and education they need to succeed as they progress toward developing healthy spousal/partner and family relationships.