Partner Abuse Intervention
(Domestic Violence Classes)


Our Partner Abuse Intervention program meets North Carolina requirements for Batterer Intervention or Abuser Treatment. Participation in a program like this may be court-ordered after an individual is convicted of a domestic violence crime. Others may be referred by social services, their church, or themselves. This program aims to help participants

  • Recognize and acknowledge harmful behavior they've practiced in relationships
  • Understand the impact of their behavior on their partners, their families, and themselves
  • Develop empathy for their partners and begin to make amends for harm they've caused
  • Learn how to communicate respectfully in relationships 

Partners and those who care about participants in our Partner Abuse Intervention program must recognize that patterns of abusive behavior in relationships are difficult to change. Participation in our program may not result in immediate, long-term, and/or wholesale change in coercive and controlling behaviors. Long-term improvement in behavior is more likely if a participant has a personal investment in making this change and does not expect rewards in the form of rekindled relationships, praise from partners, or other external recognition. 

Coordinated Community Response

Our work with those who've used domestic violence is conducted using a "coordinated community response" model. This means that we have ongoing and frequent contact with our clients' current partners as well as partners they've abused in the past. This contact ensures that survivors are connected with specialized advocacy and support services in the community and that everyone has reasonable expectations about the pace and prognosis for our clients' behavior change. Our coordinated response also means ongoing communication with probation/parole, the courts, and other professionals working with our clients. This model ensures that survivor safety is prioritized above all else and that our clients are connected with resources to address the various other needs they may present.

Group Types

  • Men's group
  • Women's group
  • Spanish-speaking

Program Format & Fee

  • Intake fee -  $60
  • Each session - $15
  • Total - $450

Groups meet for 1.5 hours once/week for 26 weeks. Most groups meet in the evenings or on the weekends to accommodate work schedules of the participants. 


The enrollment process typically begins with a referral from the courts, social services, another community organization, or the participant. (Please complete our secure online referral form here.) Upon receiving the referral, Pathways to Change will contact the participant to schedule an intake appointment. This appointment typically last about 1.5 hours. Participants will leave this appointment knowing when and where the group meets and how much they will need to pay for each session.