Respectful, affordable services to guide your next step

Our Mission:

Pathways to Change.

Respectful, affordable services to guide your next steps.  Pathways to Change is a non-profit community based organization, dedicated to fostering substantive behavioral change through educational programs designed to reduce recidivism and strengthing relationships. 


Our Mission

Pathways to Change has served Chatham, Orange and Durham Counties, NC and its neighboring communities for nearly 25 years. Current services provided include NC-certified Partner Abuse Intervention (Domestic Violence Classes), Anger Management, Sentence Planning, and the Strong Fathers Program. All services are offered in an environment of support and accountability, providing clients a path toward positive growth and change.

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Our Impact

The U.S. economy spends approximately $55 billion dollars annually as a result of childhood exposure to domestic violence and broken homes and Pathways to Change hopes to do its part to chip away at the cost in its community.  




Over 100 dads have successfully completed and graduated from our Strong Fathers Program, increasing the safety, health and well-being of children and their children’s mothers by helping the men learn positive ways of relating to them. The Strong Fathers Program is one of few programs for men who've used violence in the home. Research from North Carolina State University shows Strong Fathers reduces the likelihood of committing future acts of violence against children and partners. Graduates:

  • Demonstrate increased knowledge of child development;

  • reduce abusive beliefs;

  • carry out goals for themselves as fathers and partners

  • enhance awareness of their gains and lapses as fathers;

  • overcome challenges in relating to their children and the children’s mothers; and

  • maintain or increase the time they spent living with their children.




Years Serving communities

Pathways to Change, formerly called Behavioral Insights, has served Orange County, NC and its neighboring communities for nearly 25 years. 

Our success is grounded in the "coordinated community response" model. We build ongoing communication with domestic violence agencies, probation/parole, law enforcement, courts, other non profits and professionals working with our participants. This model also ensures that survivor safety is prioritized above all else and that our participants are connected with resources to address the various other needs they may present to reinforce accountability.

Our worked is rooted in the theory of dosage; the more hours of re-education has the potential to inoculate our clients from committing future acts of violence.



Hundreds of clients & families Impacted

Pathways to Change has impacted the lives of hundreds of clients and their families. With no end in sight, Pathways is dedicated to providing respectful, affordable services, and building strategic community partnerships and help advance our overall mission. 

Pathways programs provide a tremendous opportunity to fortify participants with the practical tools, skills and education they need to succeed as they progress toward developing healthy spousal/partner and family relationships.


Our Programs

Pathways to Change is forging the path in effective & compassionate court approved programming. Our flagship courses include, Strong Fathers, Partner Abuse Intervention, Emotional Intelligence & Anger Management and Comprehensive Sentencing Plans. The programs provided by Pathways are evidence-based best practices to yield positive outcomes. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule a consultation. 


Partner Abuse Intervention
(Domestic Violence Classes)

Our Partner Abuse Intervention program meets North Carolina requirements for Batterer Intervention or Abuser Treatment. Participation in a program like this may be court-ordered after an individual is convicted of a domestic violence crime. Others may be referred by social services, their church, or themselves.  

Strong Fathers Program

Strong Fathers is for dads working to end the cycle of violence in their family. The program consists of 20 weekly sessions during which participants develop new tools for parenting and partnering in an environment of support, friendship, education, and growth.

Emotional Intelligence & Anger Management

Our Emotional Intelligence & Anger Management program offers participants an opportunity to explore triggers for their anger, discover the dynamics of social and emotional competence, and replace unhealthy behaviors and communication styles with respectful, controlled and assertive communication. 



“I just wanted to let you know how much you guys are changing him into a better person and a better father."

- Wife of a participant


Introducing her father to her teacher: “Ms. Smith, this is my daddy. He used to be mean, but now he’s nice.”

- Young child of a participant


“I sit down with survivors and show them the topics covered in your program, and they say, ‘Yes, that’s what I want him to do. He needs all of that.’”

- Durham County ADA

 “Thank you for your work, passion, sincerity, encouragement, and so much more – they shine through in everything you do. You truly have helped me to be a stronger father.”

- Participant






Get Involved

We love to support our clients as they work to make positive changes in their lives. Please consider supporting us so we can extend our services to greater numbers of clients. Looking for volunteer opportunities? Join the Pathway team by taking on the role of a group facilitor, court advocate or adminstrative support. 


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Pathways to Change is currently accepting new clients in Chatham, Durham, and Orange counties. Classes held in a safe and supportive environment and are conveniently  located throughout the Triangle. Are you ready to enroll yourself or make a referral for one of our programs? Click here.

Volunteer opportunities

Are you a natural leader? Good with groups? Volunteer as a facilitator of one of our Partner Abuse Intervention, Anger Management, or Strong Fathers groups. Volunteer facilitators receive extensive training and facilitate groups alongside an experienced Pathways facilitator. 

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Pathways to Change is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, so your donation is tax deductible. All donations go toward increasing quality and accessibility of our programs for those who otherwise might not be able to participate. Click the donate button below to make a secure contribution.